For over 22 years, Flight Research International has performed in-house maintenance on both fixed wing and rotary aircraft. Our maintenance staff of A&P Mechanics, IAs, Quality Control staff, and Avionics technicians are long-time FAA-certified professionals. The Flight Research Maintenance Division maintains more than 40 aircraft, comprising 24 different airframe types.

The Flight Research FAA 145 Repair Station has experience with piston and turbine airframes, rotary wing and fixed wing categories, and extensive experience with experimental types.

Airframe/Structural Maintenance and Repair

Structural repairs are a major aspect of the Flight Research International commitment to turnkey customer support. Our structural technicians have over 30 years of proven performance in aviation engineering and fabrication. Our sheet metal shop is equipped with milling machines, lathes, press brakes, shears, and other tooling equipment. This, combined with the knowledge and experience of our structural technicians, will ensure a superior finished product.

Support services include:

  • Ailerons, Flaps, Speed Brakes, Whole Wing
  • Elevators, Stabilizers, Stabilators, Rudder, and Trim Tabs
  • Gear, Gear Door Assemblies
  • Access, Entry, and Emergency Exit Doors
  • Inlets, Honeycomb Trailing Edges
  • Damage Evaluation
  • Expeditionary Services
  • Annual Inspection
  • 50/100 Hour – Inspection
  • Return to Service Inspections

Fixed And Rotary Wing Maintenance

Flight Research International has performed numerous Annual, 100, and 300-hour inspections as specified by the OEM. Flight Research personnel have undergone factory training focusing on both airframe and power plant.

Maintenance services include:

  • Major Inspections
  • Heavy Structural Repair
  • Scheduled and Unscheduled Maintenance
  • Structural Damage Repairs
  • Specialized Modifications
  • AD & Service Bulletin Compliance
  • Modifications
  • APU Maintenance
  • Engine Removal & Reinstallation
  • Autopilot Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Expeditionary Services
  • Condition Inspections utilizing FAA-approved AAIP inspection programs
  • Complete Egress Support
  • Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE)

Scheduled and Unscheduled Maintenance

Flight Research is equipped to handle both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Regularly scheduled maintenance includes scheduled inspection items, and Component changes, expired pyros. Unscheduled maintenance may result from accidents or breakages, such as a tire blowout or an avionics issue. Regardless of why the maintenance is necessary, our team and facility are always ready to handle it.

Flight Research is equipped to complete in-house aircraft inspections as needed. Detailed reporting and expert review is included in all inspections. This includes annual inspections, which should be conducted once a year to ensure aircraft are safe and ready to fly at all times. We also have an Inspection Authorization (IA) on site.

One of the most valued inspections requested by our customers is the aircraft Pre-Purchase inspection. A must for all potential aircraft owners before making an offer on an aircraft. Our A&Ps, A&P IAs, and industry experts can give you irreplaceable insight into the history of an aircraft, the cost to bring it to airworthy operational standards, and how that might impact the aircraft’s value and ability to complete the mission. Do not buy an aircraft without having a non-biased A&P complete a pre-purchase inspection.

Inspections services include:

  • APU Inspection
  • Log Book Review
  • Routine Inspection
  • Structural Inspection
  • Corrosion Inspection
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection

Aircraft Operations Support, Leasing, and Storage

Flight Research operates 11 buildings and multiple storage hangers with ample space to store your aircraft and tools, as well as office space and classrooms for your staff. Our facility has the capabilities to provide all the storage and support you need for your aircraft and flight testing missions.

Plus, our expert staff consists of airframe and powerplant certified mechanics, designated engineering representatives, avionics technicians, structural technicians, and designated airworthiness representatives. This diverse staffing ensures we have the right people on hand for every aspect of flight training, testing, or support. Our company and professionals have the following certifications and designations:

  • Inspection Authorization (IA)

Additional Maintenance and Support Services

Flight Research offers additional services that can help in flight testing, research, or aircraft maintenance. For example, our certified aircraft mechanics and technicians can install necessary upgrades and oversee instrumentation functions. Our team also provides fast, accurate, and effective data acquisition services.

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