High Performance (HiPer) UPRT

FAA Advisory Circular 61-107B states “A number of corporate jet airplanes have been involved in catastrophic loss of control during high-altitude/high-speed flight.”

A different set of knowledge and skills is required to safely operate high and fast.  These skills are not generally taught to civil pilots.  Flight Research provides the solution to fill the high-performance training gap. Flying primarily our Northrup T38s and North American Sabreliners, our team of highly experienced military pilots and test pilots provide you with the tools needed to understand the unique characteristics of the transonic and supersonic flight.  Our combination of aircraft and operational experience in unparalleled.

Flight Research offers various 2- and 3-day High Performance (HiPer) Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) courses to meet your training needs.  These courses are targeted for those aviators whose flight operations take them into the high altitude, transonic, and supersonic flight regimes.

HiPer UPRT – Two and Three Day Courses

All of our HiPer courses begin with a full day of acadmics followed by one (or two) fly days in either (or both) our Sabreliner or T38 as desired by the customer.

The Flight Research Hi-Per UPRT 2-Day course is ideal for experienced aviators already comfortable with all-attitude flying and who operate in the high altitude and/or transonic flight regimes.  This course involves one day of classroom work incorporating a rigorous ground school in high-speed aerodynamic theory followed by practical flight preparation. The practical part of the training is tailored to the specific aircraft the customer will fly on day 2 – either the Sabreliner or the T38.

The Flight Research Hi-Per UPRT 3 Day offers a more in depth understanding of high altitlude transonic and supersonic flight training utilizing both the Sabreliner on day 2 and the T-38 on day 3.

HiPer UPRT – Academics

Our HiPer academics cover topics similar to those covered at the USAF and USN Test Pilot Schools.  We should know – we taught there!  Together with our instructors, you will define the HiPer environment and its effect on aircraft performance.  You will be given a world class overview of transonic and supersonic aerodynamics and discuss aircraft flying qualities and operational considerations in the Hi-Speed, Hi-Altitude flight regime.

And that’s just the morning!

In the afternoon, you will prepare for the next day’s flight with aircraft-specific system training and cockpit familiarization.  You will also discuss applicable normal and emergency procedures.  If flying the T38, you will complete a flight gear fit out and ejection seat training.  The day is complete after an event prebrief.

HiPer UPRT – High Altitude Sabreliner Flight

Our North American Sabreliner is uniquely capable to explore the effects of high-altitude flight.  We will look at areas of reduced stability and examine aircraft effects as we approach Mach buffet and high-altitude stalls.  The aviator is also challenged with an emergency descent profile followed by a simulated flameout approach – a task rarely training in a business jet.

HiPer UPRT – Supersonic T-38 Flight

Our local airspace agreements allow us to operate at high altitudes and speeds in excess of Mach 1.  Utilizing this rare capability, we have put together a profile of transonic and supersonic flight opportunities, coupled with low-speed maneuvering, stall recovery and Upset Prevention and Recovery Training that is sure to challenge to most experienced aviator.


Can’t Find The Courses You Need?

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