Flight Research offers unique Upset Recognition and Recovery Training (UPRT) for Helicopter pilots! Our two-, three-, and four-day courses are sure to suit your training needs and budget. Depending on your course selection, you train in the BO-105 and/or OH-58, working your way up in complexity and performance to full upsets. Course studies include basic and advanced aerodynamics as related to aircraft loss of control as well as use and understanding of the full flight envelope. This course is designed to expand the flying skills and expertise of all helicopter pilots from private to professional commercial aviators.

Benefits of the H-UPRT Course include:

  • Reduces startle effect, allowing faster recovery and safety of passengers
  • Brings a “reality” to situations that can happen in flight
  • Develops pilot confidence and capability
  • Increases knowledge of aircraft capabilities

Helicopter UPRT –
Two- and Three-Day Courses

All of our Helicopter UPRT (H-UPRT) courses begin with a morning of academic instruction. You will discuss aerodynamics and limitations associated with rotary wing flight and review the H-V diagram. You will explore hazards unique to helicopter operations, such as settling with power, retreating blade stall, and confined area landings (CALS), just to name a few. After review of unusual attitudes and techniques to recover, you will spend the afternoon applying what you’ve learned in the aircraft.

Basic 2-Day

In the two-day course, you will fly the BO-105 or OH-58 on the first day, depending on your training needs. The next day, you will fly the BO-105 in the morning, exploring a variety of advanced performance maneuvers. After your flight, you head back to the classroom to discuss applicable case studies followed by a graduation. Hitting on the essential elements of Upset Prevention and Recovery, this course is ideal for those who have already completed an upset course previously or who can only manage two days to pull away from their “day jobs”.

Essential 3-Day

Our three-day course is the cornerstone Helicopter UPRT course. It is the ideal H-UPRT course for “first timers”. Days 1 and 2 are similar to the 2-day course, however the flights are further broken down by the elements of Upset Prevention and Recovery, utilizing a building block approach throughout the training, allowing pilots to really delve into their UPRT. We also present several additional advanced academic topics for further study.

UPRT is important to safety of flight. Flight Research believes every aviator should have this training. Proficiency is also important. We recommend UPRT be taken every two years to ensure foremost awareness of upset recognition and skill retention for proper in-flight recovery techniques.

Helicopter UPRT

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