Flight Research International (FRI) has been a leader in fight test and flight test support since 1981. Located at the Mojave Air and Space Port, we provide a wide variety of flight test services, to include certification, UAS test, and component testing. With nearly 1 million square feet of campus and direct access to over 20,000 square miles of Special Use Airspace, Flight Research is fully equipped to handle any project.

Flight Test

Regardless of what it may entail, your project is our priority. We can design and execute a flight test plan that will meet your program goals, on time and within your budget. Our highly-qualified staff of test pilots, flight test engineers, and maintenance technicians understand the concept of meeting your needs through a team effort and we’re prepared to work closely with you to accomplish you test objectives.

Custom flight test services can be arranged, while our pre-built services include:

  • Acceptance Testing
  • Certification and Show Compliance Testing
  • Aircraft Avionics and Systems Testing
  • Fixed- and Rotary-Wing Performance and Flying Qualities Testing

We also offer specialized flight test services, such as:

  • Parabolic Flight Testing (Zero and Reduced G)
  • Weapons Testing
  • Envelope Expansion
  • Aggravated Stall and Spin Testing
  • Transonic/Supersonic Flight Test

Our test pilots and flight test engineers have extensive experience in their respective fields. Click here to review their biographies.

Flight Test Support

Our aircraft experts can support your flight test efforts by providing advice, personnel, tools, hangar space, operations support, aircraft, and metric-based planning efforts. Support services include:

  • Fixed-Wing, Rotary-Wing, and Supersonic flight test aircraft
  • Safety/Photo/Area Chase aircraft and services
  • Conceptual design
  • Structural analysis and design
  • Ground test and ground test procedure development
  • Data reduction and analysis
  • Test plans, Flight test cards and Flight Test reports
  • Primary and supplemental flight test pilots and engineers
  • Flying qualities and performance design input
  • Flight testing aircraft modifications
  • Flight control laws and handling qualities evaluation

Flight Research International and the surrounding airspace are fully equipped to help with Flight Test Support to meet your requirements. We can provide furnished offices for your own engineers and certification teams, as well as aircraft hangars for operations, research and modifications. We also have a telemetry and control room to handle your real-time data acquisition and flight monitoring needs.

Maintenance Support

Flight Research provides various maintenance services to support your flight test missions. Our industry experts can provide tooling, fabrication, structural testing, and flightline support to ensure safety and efficacy. If what we have on-hand doesn’t fit your needs, we have full machine shop capabilities to manufacture a system that will.

Our personnel and facilities hold critical certifications in both flight testing and maintenance sectors. Certifications include:

  • A&Ps and IAs
  • FAA-145 Repair Station
  • ATF- IMPORTER Firearms, Explosives and Other Destructive Devices
  • ITAR Facility

Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Flight Test and Flight Test Support

The 2020 Federal budget directed funding to three groups for the purpose of achieving the integration of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) into the National Airspace System. Those groups were the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Department of Transportation (DOT), and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). FRI is an established provider of AAM flight testing with both the FAA and NASA and is the premier provider of UAM/AAM aircraft flight test and certification support for any new vehicle entering the market. Flight Research also has an operational UAS surrogate platform with vast access to training and testing areas, including access to a one million square foot aircraft boneyard proving ground.

Benefits of Testing at Flight Research International

Testing at Flight Research International offers several distinct benefits, including schedule flexibility and timely execution. When testing at our location in Mojave, CA, you’ll gain access to special-use airspace and supersonic corridors for your flight test needs. Our facility has multiple hangars for equipment installation, a fully-equipped control room, collaborative office space, and is in a location that provides ideal flight test weather. If your system or aircraft needs flight test, or if you need any kind of flight test support, please contact us today.

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