General Aviation UPRT

The Flight Research General Aviation (GA) Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) Course is designed for single and multiengine piston pilots of all experience levels. Offered as a one-day (BASIC) or two-day (ESSENTIALS) course, we use the T‑67 Firefly and/or the Extra-300 and/or T-34C for in-flight training.

Civilian flight schools provide pilots with training in aircraft operations, how to operate within the National Aerospace System and the basics of aircraft handling but generally only touch upon in-flight upset situations. The GA UPRT course enhances pilot safety by filling in these critical gaps in knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Our Curriculum:

  • Meets ICAO Annex 1 & 6: Standards for Upset Recovery Training & Certification
  • Is FAA approved: Letter of Authorization granted to Flight Research, Inc. for upset training
  • Meets FAA AC 120-111 Upset Recovery Training Requirements


  • T-67 Slingsby and/or Extra-300
  • T-34C

ONE DAY- Introduction Course

The morning of day one focuses on key aerodynamic principles to understand the physics behind an upset and recovery. Topics include the flight envelope, aircraft performance, piston engine performance considerations, stability and control, aircraft structures, GA flying qualities and pilot-in-the-loop aircraft handling qualities. These aerodynamics principles are applied to upset recovery techniques. We then prepare and execute in-flight training in the T-67, Extra-300, T-34C.

TWO DAY – Basic Course

The two-day course provides advanced upset training applicable to more dynamic upset situations and reinforces the lesson objectives from day one.

Both the BASIC and ESSENTIAL courses include a workshop discussing GA upset case studies and applicability of GA UPRT training.

General Aviation UPRT – Formation

Complete your Upset Prevention and Recovery Training with a friend! The Flight Research General Aviation UPRT Formation courses offer you the opportunity to come with a friend (or meet one here!) and conduct extensive UPRT with the additional benefit of formation work!

This course can be taken as an optional add-on to the BASIC or ESSENTIAL Advanced GA or GA course. We add this element to enhance our training in Upset Prevention and Recovery and to further challenge the aviator to be their best. As any accomplished aviator will tell you, an opportunity to make you a better, more confident aviator will transfer to better personal capability if you should ever encounter an Upset.

There is no need for previous formation experience. All of our Instructors are former military aviators who are experienced in introducing newcomers to formation flight and using it as an additional tool in your UPRT training.

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