Lead Citation Instructor


Total Hours:

  • 10,000+


  • ATP
  • CFI
  • MEI
  • FE
  • SUAS
  • AGI
  • IGI


  • Northcentral University Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Business Administration
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Master of Aeronautical Science (MAS), Management
  • Boston University Master of Science (M.S.), Mechanical Engineering
  • Northwestern Oklahoma State University Master of Education (M.Ed.), International Relations
  • USAF Academy Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Astronautical Engineering
  • USAF Flight Safety Officer/Investigating Officer/Chief of Safety/Mishap Board President School


  • United Airlines Pilot:  B-737, B757/767, B-777
  • Montana Air National Guard JFHQ-MT/A3 F-15 MR Pilot
  • 186th Fighter Squadron Commander (F-16) 186 EFS Commander (Deployed F-16 Commander in Iraq)
  • FedEx Airline Pilot B727
  • T-37 Instructor Pilot/Flight Examiner
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Assistant Professor, Aeronautical Science
  • Global Aerospace Logistics UAE Air Force Senior Safety Advisor-Operations
  • 3 Rivers Aircraft Management Services (Owner)
  • Montana State Director of Air Operations, and Assistant Director, J3
  • United States Air Force ACC/IG Fighter Operations Inspector
  • Combat Flying:  Operations Desert Storm, Provide Comfort, Southern Watch, Northern Watch, Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom

Instructor Specialties:

  • Academic Instruction and Practical Application
  • USAF (AETC) T-37 Chief Spin Instructor, Pilot Instructor Training, Randolph AFB, Texas
  • F-16 Instructor Pilot and Flight Examiner (All models/blocks:  F-16 A/B/C/D)
  • F-16 and F-15 Alert pilot (CONUS, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Europe)


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